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Leadership & Legacy Program

Our Leadership & Legacy Program  focuses on the following core areas: Parenting, Education, Technology, Arts, Leadership, and Social determinants.


Through our Leadership & Legacy Program, we create a plan for the family focusing on the core areas of our P.E.T.A.L.S. track. Families commit to one year of continuous support.

Confidante Care

The Plan

  • A road map to reach a targeted goal 

  • The plan includes providing a tablet to each family

  • Customized support for your family.

  • Workforce development training

  • Interview skills & resumes

  • Assistance with college admissions

Mental Healthcare

  • Trauma-informed Care 

  • Counseling resources

  • 1-on-1 mentoring

  • Peer to peer support


Seeds to Inspire 

Seeds to Inspire Parenting Education Series is every Tuesday, 5:30p - 7:00p 

Rosemary's Babies Company

4439 Reading Road, suite 107

Cincinnati, OH 45229

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Program Benefits

Benefits for Parents

You graduate high school/complete a GED program
Connect with better job opportunities
Build healthy relationships
Bond with your baby

Benefits for Baby

Developmentally Ready
Introduced to Stem


Benefits for Family

Great Credit
Starting Traditions
Building a Savings Account
Moving into a Safer Home


We can
help you

Need a Car Seat?


We can
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Need a Crib?


We can
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Chat with Team RBC


Ms. Jaliah

Vice President of Program Delivery and Impact


Ms. Rodsha

Volunteer and Career Coordinator


Ms. Yolanda

Nurse and Childhood Advisor


Ms. Pat

Mental Health Counselor

Foster Care Expert

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