Resources for Personal Health

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Healthy Parent

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There is a lot of information and misinformation about sexual health, relationships, and pregnancy. Rosemary's Babies is here to provide you with helpful and factual information. It is vital to be informed for yourself and your family.

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Emotional Health

Practicing self care and understanding your emotions is important to having a healthy mind for yourself and your family.

  • Calm: Best for meditation and stress relief

  • Headspace: Best for learning mindfulness

  • Simple Habit: Best for teens with busy schedules

  • Insight Timer: Best for free guided meditations and talks from celebs

  • Happify: Best for fun mood shifting activities

Apps to Improve Mental Health

Supportive Friend

BIPOC Mental and Behavioral Health Provider Directory

An exclusive list of Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) mental and behavioral health resources. 

Page 42 shows a chart of those who accept self-pay/ insurance/ Medicaid/ Medicare