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Recursos para la vivienda

Preparándose para una vida independiente

Rosemary's Babies quiere que todos los padres adolescentes tengan un ambiente hogareño estable y saludable. Sabemos que buscar un lugar para vivir puede ser una tarea difícil. Estamos aquí para ayudarlo en el camino con la búsqueda, el presupuesto y la mudanza a su primera casa nueva.


Consider the requirements to move into certain apartments.

Consider age requirement, income restrictions, pets, credit score.


Find an apartment near the areas you frequent most: school, work, daycare, etc.


Ask yourself, is this on a bus line. How will my transportation costs change?

Rent should not be more than 50-60% of your income. But rent is not the only cost associated with moving.

Consider utilities, sewage, parking, renters insurance, and Wi-Fi.


Think about how much space is needed for your budget and your family.


You may consider a 1 bedroom during the first year of parenting.


Your apartment should cater to some of your needs since you will be there at least a year.


Think about: laundry on site or in-home, A/C, updated kitchen appliances, security, etc.


Apartment Search Apps


Low Income Housing

Need to Knows for Finding and Moving into your First Place

Image by Erik Mclean
Getting a State ID Card

Find the location to get your state ID

Signing a Contract
El embarazo

Comprenda cómo su cuerpo y su bebé cambian semanalmente.

Yellow Couch
Local Discount Furniture Stores

Where to find discount furniture in the local area.

Baby Room Cabinet

Conoce las diferentes opciones a la hora de tener a tu bebé

Image by Matt Walsh
Qué comer durante el embarazo

Aprenda qué alimentos disfrutar y qué evitar durante el embarazo

Renters Insurance

What is it? Do I need it? And where do I get it?

Plumber at Work
El embarazo
Lista de Verificación

Una herramienta útil para asegurarse de tener un embarazo saludable

Image by Bill Oxford
Landlord Rights and Obligations

Don't be fooled by a slum lord. Understand your rights.

Las mejores vitaminas prenatales

Compare las vitaminas prenatales para ayudar a su bebé a crecer fuerte

Moving Truck
Renting a Moving Truck

Where to rent a moving truck and more. 

Baby Room
Signos de

Comprender la diferencia entre trabajo de parto verdadero y falso

Need Insurance?

Ronald Bryant is a trusted friend of RBC. He'll answer questions about renter's, car, life insurance, and more.


State ID, Birth Certificate, SSN

Your ID, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Number are Vital in getting employment, care, or an apartment.

To get these items you have to prove identity. You must show proof of the following five elements:

1-Full Legal Name*; 2-Date of Birth; 3-Proof of U.S. Legal Presence; 4-Social Security Number; 5-Proof of Address

Vital Records

Save Money on a Handy Man,
Check out these Videos

Understanding Your Bills

Apartment Tips
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DIY Home Fixes

Water Bill

One Bedroom Apartment Nursery Ideas

Local Emergency & Transitional Housing

Local Shelters





  1. Transitional shelter for women and children

  2. Daily Meals, Shelter, Job Placement, Pantry

  3. Emergency Shelter for homeless men

  4. Housing for homeless individuals suffering from mental illness.